Eleonora Nidal – Biography

eleonora-nidalEleonora Nidal, teacher MIDAS and technical FIDS-CONI, after several years of ballet and modern dance at the age of 11 years, is fascinated by oriental dance and begins in 2000, her career, studying with teacher and choreographer Egyptian Saad Ismail. 

She  attended a professional course with  Egyptian teacher and choreographer Wael Mansour in Milan

And she  attended the professional course with with  Egyptian teacher and choreographer  Zaza Hassan, she graduated “Teacher at the Centre Artistique Zaza (Pantin, France) Egyptian Oriental dance classic original method Zaza Hassan”

Over the years, she continued her studies with international teachers and masters national oriental dance: Mahmoud Reda, Saad Ismail, Zaza Hassan, Hassan Raqia, Mo Geddawi, Tito Seif, Aziza (Cairo), Amir Thaleb.

In 2006 she began her career as a teacher:

She is of great importance to the art technique of this art, its historical and folkloristic aspects, fundamental to its value,                                                                                                                                             She creates her own introspective method of researching the personal movement of every woman, this comes from her holistic studies;                                                                                                                          And her attention to expressiveness, this comes from her studios of classical, modern dance theater.

Eleonora Nidal, over the years, deepens her knowledge by studying postural gymnastics: in 2012 she completes her studies, graduating from “THERAPIST and POSTURAL GINNASTIC INSTRUCTION”;

In 2015 she becomes a Pilates instructor

And in 2016 ends her path by becoming a teacher of Hatha Yoga thanks to her master Alessia Latini Shaula.

Eleonora Nidal teaches in many festivals and schools in Europe, Latin America and the USA.

She has her classes in Argentina: Buenos Aires, Patagonia, Neuquen, Bahia Blanca.
And in Europe; Spain, France, Portugal, Hungary, Romania, Poland, Belgium, Holland, Bulgaria.
She is a well-known dancer in Latin America, where she has her 1-month tour every year, where she performs in the nation’s most important theaters.
In January she will leave for her tour in New York (USA).
In Italy (her country) she has long had her great festival in Rome “Sharqy Day Rome” one of the most important Italian festivals.
In Italy she prepares (for the Italian Federation) new professional dancers and future teachers.
Founded in the year 2016 her company of 8 professional dancers, the “Nidal caravan”, they perform with Eleonora Nidal in many important events in Italy and other European countries.
In 2017 she opens her school in Rome “Sun Ray” where she personally cares for all Oriental Dance courses, from girls to professionals, Hatha Yoga and Pilates courses.
She loves her work, her life and she loves to spread the love she is trying for this art!